Frequently asked questions

Management fee: 2%

The management fee is a 2% fee calculated based on the assets invested. The management fee is deducted monthly.

Performance fee: 25%

The performance fee is calculated on the returns that the fund generates and need to be above the HWM (high-water mark). The HWM is in place so investors only need to pay once on their returns.

Redemption fee: 0% unless an exit within 3 months 1%

If investors stay for over 3 months with our fund we do not charge a redemption fee. In order to cover costs for investors that stay a short period we are charging a 1% redemption fee.

Monthly subscriptions, redemptions, NAV calculations.

The NAV stands for Net Asset Value and it gives the total value of all assets that are being managed. The NAV is calculated on a monthly basis and is used for determing valuations for the subscriptions & redemptions.

Fund administrator: AssetCare Fund Services B.V.

Offbeat Capital works together with the Amsterdam based AssetCare Fund Services B.V. as fund administrator. Since 2006, AssetCare is an independent provider of fund administration services. Fund administration is the name given to the execution of back-office activities including fund accounting, financial reporting, net asset value calculation, investor communications and other activities carried out in support of an investment fund.

For more information please take a look at AssetCare's website.