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The Cycle

The crypto market is known for its strong and extreme market cycle. Fundamental understanding of the cycle not only helps finding the optimal entries & exits but also safeguards against errors during challenging phases. 

 At Offbeat we aim for all our investors, partners and fellow crypto enthusiasts to be familiar with the cycle.


We have identified three distinct market phases in the crypto cycle.


Accumulation Periods: Prior to a halving event, there tends to be an accumulation phase
where market participants accumulate assets in antic
ipation of reduced supply.
Bull Market Periods: After the consolidation, a bull market phase historically ensues, marked
by substantial price appreciation.
Bear Market Periods: Following the bull market, there is typically a bear market phase as
market sentiment adjusts and prices drop sharply. For a visual overview of the cycle checkout
the final pages of this document.

Below a visual overview of the cycle. 


As we enter the 4th Bitcoin halving and the 5th crypto bull cycle, it's evident that the Accumulation and Bull Run phases have maintained consistent durations over the last two cycles. Interestingly, this same pattern is now observable in the current cycle.

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